Hey guys, been another minute since I last posted here, so I wanted to give everyone an update on things going on:

THPS Marathon 3

Last night, the third THPS Marathon took place and, overall, I consider it a success. A lot of people came out to watch the marathon, showcasing some of the greatest players the community has. It was a blast, even if it left me very exhausted last night. Big thank you to Shockwve for the streaming PC, HorseoftheSea for the RTMP server, Konasumi for the layouts and graphics, and PokemonAce101 for assisting me with watching the marathon. You guys are the best. <3

That said, I think this will be the last marathon I produce for a while, possibly ever. The amount of time I put into this was a lot, and it consumed a lot of my energy over the last few weeks as I worked to get things settled. Even then, there were a lot of things that didn’t go well or I could’ve done better at. To put it short, I do not have as much time as I once did to make these. Work, school, my own goals, and my personal life are all vying for my time, so adding this to it makes it even more difficult. If there is ever a fourth THPS Marathon, someone else will have to head it up. But, I do appreciate all of the kind words people have sent me. <3

AGDQ 2019

AGDQ 2019 is fast approaching. In a little over a month, I will be attending the bi-annual event to showcase both Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X and Medal of Honor: Airborne, which means I will have to start focusing heavily on those games very soon. Additionally, I have submitted for Calithon 2019, though the Games List has yet to be released as of the creation of this post. If I get into Calithon 2019, however, I will not have to really worry about the games until February.

Speedrunning Plans

I have said it before on Twitter, but next year will be a bit different. I want to extend outside of the community a little and start to learn/speedrun A Hat in Time, but I also have a major goal next year I want to complete. There are very few players in the community who is good at virtually every Tony Hawk game, and it is time I take it to the next level.ย  There have been some murmurs within the community that I am not as good as I once was, I’ve been surpassed, and all of that.

I think it’s time I quell those voices.

Next year, I will begin a crusade against THPS2, THPS4, THUG1, THUG2, THAW, and THP8 to either beat or come close to World Records in each game. My recent stint into THP8 is only a glimpse of what will come next year. A Hat in Time will serve as my secondary game through this time, on the days/weeks I need a break from the constant grind. I will be grinding a lot for better times in each of those games, so you can expect a lot of PBs coming next year.

So, to all of the best players of the community: Ya’ll are on notice.

Future Plans

What’s up, everyone?

So, this is an update for everyone pertaining to plans from now until the middle of January. There is a lot to go over, so I will get started:

The Illiad Chronicles

I have aluded to it a bit on Twitter, but I have hit a wall creatively and decided to take a step back from writing The Illiad Chronicles for a little bit. My initial plan of having Book II out by December will, most likely, not happen now. I apologize to the few of you who were interested in the series continuing, I just need a small break. I feel like the books shouldn’t be rushed, and the more time I take on it, the better it will be. I’m sorry!


Yesterday (the 29th of September), I completed my first marathon run in a year with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x at the California Relief 2018 Marathon. It went over well, overall, and I enjoyed my time with showing off the game. However, it doesn’t mean I am done yet!

I ALSO got accepted into AGDQ 2019 with both Pro Skater 2x and Medal of Honor: Airborne. As well, I got accepted into the Valuethon 5 marathon with Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. So, I got a lot of games to work on for the next while!

So, the plan is this:
a) From the 30th of September to the 12th of October I will be re-learning Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and getting back to where I was with that game. Technically, this won’t start until this coming Tuesday (the 2nd), but you can expect a lot of runs and practice for the marathon! On top of that, I will take a very small break away from 2x and return to THPS2 to get some extremely easy personal best times.
b) After Valuethon 5, we are going into AGDQ 2019 practice mode! From mid-October to mid-January will be mostly focused on Medal of Honor: Airborne and Pro Skater 2x practice and runs to get myself more ready for the big event in January! I will branch out a little with other runs, such as possibly Ocarina of Time, but the two games I submitted to AGDQ will be my primary focus.


I will say this now: After AGDQ 2019, I will be taking a smaller step back from the Tony Hawk community to branch myself away a bit more. I won’t completely leave, but I will be doing Tony Hawk runs as a secondary run and having another game as my primary. I already have ideas for what I might want to do, such as putting Ocarina of Time as my primary or even going to do A Hat in Time, but I have a couple of months to fully decide one way or the other.

Submissions to GDQs and other marathons will obviously change what games I focus on, and I will continue to push the Tony community through marathons, but I need to do other games to avoid another burnout.

Anyways, that is it. Thank you guys for reading! <3

Something is Coming…

Hey everyone!

It has been a bit of a crazy month and a half or so since I returned to the states, so I am still the midst of reintegrating with society, work, and everything like that. So, I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few months, and I hope it gets better in due time. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what’s going on? Well, there is a lot to go over, so I will talk about it now:


Previously I spoke about that I was going to be writing another short story from now until The Eternal Night (the second book) releases in December. However, after some thinking, I decided that I am going to just stick with just one short story (The Lich of Izaman, which is already out) and focus more on The Eternal Night. It is going to be bigger, better, and longer than the first book in the series, so I will need more time to write it out.

I won’t get into too much now. However, expect a cover reveal sometime in September. ๐Ÿ™‚


For those of you who don’t know (somehow), I am a speedrunner. While I don’t speedrun as often as I once did, I used to speedrun a bunch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, some Medal of Honor games, and some other games every now and again. I have been speedrunning for almost six years now, which is an insane amount of time, and I have spent almost four in the Tony Hawk scene.

Except, I’ve never been to a GDQ. Not a single one in my career. I’ve done a few marathons online, so I have a moderate amount of experience, but I think it is time I refocus my efforts to growing the scene once more. While I may not have the charisma of some, I hope, through my speedruns, that I care deeply for the games, the people in the community, and my craft that it will win some more people over.

That said, next month on September 29th, I will be participating in the Cali Fire Relief Marathon. There, I will be playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X to the best of my ability. THPS2X and THP8 are the only main-series games to not be included in a major marathon, so I am hoping getting more practice and marathon experience in before the big event in January will help.

AGDQ 2019

The big event? Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 of course! Twice (now three, I guess?) a year all the greatest speedrunners around come together for an awesome one-week long marathon. I did get accepted in 2018, but I was tasked to deploy and I had to cancel my entry. Now? There shouldn’t be anything in the way.

I will be entering:

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X – All Goals and Golds (All Careers)
  • Tony Hawk’s Underground – Any% Beginner, Normal No Warp, Sick, and Sick No Warp
  • Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – Any% (360/PS3)
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne – Any% Casual

All of these runs are probably some of my highest quality work, and I know the games a lot to perform at the best of my ability. Last year, THPS2X got accepted into the event; now, I want THPS2X and at least THUG1 to get in as well. THUG1 has not been in an event in some time, so I want to show off how much the game has progressed.

Here’s hoping!


With my semester at my university nearly completed, I will have a bit more free time from studying hard to return to Twitch. I did a stream earlier this month in THPS2X and was already a few minutes off from the world record, so I know I still have that ability in me. So, here are my following goals:

  • THPS2X – Get Sub-29:30 in All Goals and Golds (All Careers)
  • THUG1 – Get better times in all categories and, maybe, challenge WR once more.
  • THP8 – Overthrow the tyranical reign of Fog as the true THP8 champion
  • MoH:A – Retake WR

These are some big tasks ahead of me. With Rushi and a few others joining, competition has gotten a lot harder in THUG1; THPS2X is always a monster to play against; Fog is a really good player at THP8, and has really good skill; And MoH:A has a few new time saves I need to take advantage of.

However, it will be a fun journey once more. While I would like WR in some, or all, of these categories, I am not going to kill myself like I did in the past. Better times, even if they are close to WR, are perfectly acceptable. ๐Ÿ™‚


I mentioned I want to help grow the scene some more, and I do. I was hoping, in my abscence, a few people would step up to grow the scene further. But, outside of a few exceptions, it has stagnated a bit. This isn’t to throw shade at anyone, by the way. I put in a lot of time to grow the scene during my time, and it has grown a lot and transformed in wonderful ways. It is time we nudge it a bit further to get ourselves more accredited in the community at large. The best way to do that is to showcase awesome runs, give excellent commentary and insight into the games, and skate fast. Easy.

More marathons are on the agenda, for sure. Cali Fire Relief and AGDQ are only the beginning, I want to get our names out there again. We’ve been mostly quiet for the past year, so it is time we amp it up.

There is something else planned, something I’ve wanted to work on for years now. However, me and my team will need a bit more time to show it off. ๐Ÿ™‚


Now, before I leave it here, there is one major project I’ve been working on for months now. While I won’t go in-depth as to what it is. However, for those of you who have been with me since the very, very, beginning:

The time is nearing, once again. On Friday, all shall be made clear.



Thanks for reading! See you guys later! <3

The Lich of Izaman is Out Now!!!

It’s been a while.

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past two months. I just got back from a trip overseas and have been working on re-adjusting to the States. But, with things back to normal-ish, I can get back to writing a bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, The Illiad ChroniclesThe Lich of Izaman is now out on BookFunnel! Amazon paperback will be coming up within the next day, once things get approved on their end. I really hope everyone enjoys this new adventure. <3

How do you get a copy? Either subscribe to my mailing list (https://clintonreel.com/mailinglist) or just go to the book’s page on here (https://clintonreel.com/book/the-illiad-chronicles-the-lich-of-izaman/). I knew not everyone is up for mailing lists, so I made it available for those people. ๐Ÿ™‚

Within the next week or two, I will be talking about the next book in the series: The Last Rite!

The Illiad Chronicles – The Lich of Izaman Announcement!

The Illiad Chronicles – Book I: Origins released on June 2nd on Amazon, and it seems like people are enjoying the book! As one of my most ambitious projects, I feel like it was a good start to what is to come. After all, the world of Ethos–and the entire realm–has a ton of stories to tell.

That said, I would like to go ahead and announce the first short story set in theย Illiad universe:

The Illiad Chronicles – The Lich of Izaman

Some may wonder why I am announcing the next project so early, but it is because I have a release date set for August 4th, 2018! The Lich of Izaman is going to be a much shorter story than Origins, and it will delve more into Jacqueline’s character and one of her greatest adventures.

Chronologically, the book is set around three years before Origins begins. Jacqueline is tasked with stopping the resurrection of the powerful Lich of Izaman–a being so strong they nearly wiped out half the world in the Fifth Era.


Again, the book is to come out on August 4th, 2018. The book will be FREE for everyone who subscribes to my mailing list at https://clintonreel.com/mailinglist . The book will only be available, through Amazon, as a paperback; the ebook version will be handed out through the mailing list for everyone to read! So, yeah, subscribe to it! <3

The Illiad Chronicles – Book I is Now Available!

It’s been a hell of a journey, but the first book in The Illiad Chronicles is finally out on ALL ebook distribution platforms! You can now pick up the ebook version for $3.99 and pick up the paperback version for $11.99 through Amazon! Additionally, for Amazon, if you purchase the paperback edition, you can get the ebook for .99 cents.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list for updates to the books. As well, subscribers to the mailing list will be getting freebies soon (information in the link).

I really do hope everyone enjoys the book, as it is the first of many to come! <3

Complete List of Retailers: https://www.books2read.com/illiadchronicles

Amazon Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Illiad-Chronicles-Clinton-Reel/dp/1980759944/

Release in Five Days!

Hey, everyone!

Taking a week off from The History of Ethos as I prepare whatever else I need for the upcoming release. Rest assured–it will be back next week!

Now, there are roughly five (or six depending where you are) days left before The Illiad Chronicles releases. Instead of doing a lore post this week, I wanted to talk about what inspired me to do this. Afterall, this is quite possibly the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on.


The Illiad Chronicles, like many works, is a culmination of many, many months and years of design. My design documents for the series reach as far back as early 2015–which seems like a lifetime ago, now that I think about it. While most of the concepts, ideas, and characters were scrapped at different points and time, the idea of what I wanted to do was still there.

As an avid fan of fantasy, I wanted to do something completely different from people have seen before–something I feel authors should strive to achieve. While elements such as good versus evil, light versus dark, or even the concept of warring nations are very hard to avoid, I still wanted to do my best to avoid easy tropes and concepts.

So, I got to work. I created an expansive timeline spanning several eras, multiple ages, and threw in different concepts and ideas for good measure. As I added more and subtracted even more, I eventually came to what I had today withย The Illiad Chronicles.

Series That Inspired

Now, I will admit that I am an avid anime watcher and video game player, so there were some things I mixed in that got inspired by those mediums. If you’ve read The History of Ethos, you can see that my world can be kinda dark at times; Ethos and its surrounding worlds are depressing places driven by war, chaos, and greed. As well, it has many elements of high fantasy from a different magic system (Energy), different races with unique attributes, and much more. So, in multiple ways, you could classify it as a Dark Fantasy or a High (or Epic) Fantasy. For me, I classify it as a hybrid.

The wonderful thing about works of art (whether it be video games, anime, movies, books, or what-have-you) is that it can “open” a door into your own worlds. When I was young, I often would think of new stories to write, worlds to explore, and characters to interract with. As said, I was young at the time, so I couldn’t feasibly write these expansive novels like I am today.

Now that I am older (about twenty-four-years old), I have more freedom to explore these worlds once again. The Illiad Chronicles is just one of several universes I would like to see explored.

Goals with The Illiad Chronicles

For starters, of course, I want people to love my books; this is the main goal of any good author. I, personally, feel that monetary gain from a book is secondary to the people I can take with me on this journey.

Another thing I would like for the series to do is to be a sort-of playground for others. One of the main reasons I wrote an expansive universe was that I wanted others–whether it be with fan fiction, approved books, or even games–is that I give room for anything. In the series, there are around three-thousand years of history on around one dozen different planets. This means that while one event can effect them all, there are an infinite amount of stories yet to be told on the others. This entire idea is what I call “everything is canon,” and an easy comparison would be to the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse.

Will there be another?

As you can probably expect, I do plan on writing a second book in The Illiad Chronicles. On the 3rd of June, I will put up a pre-order page for the second book! Production of the book has already begun, and I want it to be a fantastic sequel that will expand on what you read in the first book even further. I am far from done with it. (:

That said, I am taking a slower approach to writing it, which may or may not be to my detriment. In the new indie world, it isn’t unheard of for a writer to have a book out every two months or so; meanwhile I am taking a six-month break between releases. It is almost unfeasible for me to write a book that fast with my current situation, so it will have to wait until around December 2018. But, it will be worth it!

Final Note

I am going through a different distribution partner, so non-Amazon links to the book may be delayed a day or two. You can follow my Facebook or Twitter (links in the top bar) for updates on this situation. While it is last-minute and may be a slight inconvinence, it will help streamline things for me later down the line!

The Amazon e-book version is not affected and will release on the 2nd of June. Meanwhile, the paperback version is still good to be released on the 31st of May!

As always, thank you for reading! Enjoy the book once it releases! <3

The History of Ethos: Part 7 – Twilight

“There is no greater prize for a mortal. For one moment, they, themselves, are the Gods of old!” – General Resha, First Twilight War (5E373)

There is no place darker or more haunted than the continent of Twilight. Sitting between the four factions in the Grand Sea, the land of Twilight is a place of torment, victory, hope, and darkness. To some, it was the last gift from the Gods before they departed at the end of the Fourth Era. For others, it was the greatest curse of them all.

Records of what Twilight was before the Age of Darkness is still unknown as the continent wasn’t formally discovered until the mid-way point of the Fifth Era. On an expedition to map out the large super-continent of Ayasha, several members of the Chaos Order met a mighty hurricane that spiraled the group far to the east. The hurricane, according to first-hand accounts, seemingly disappeared over this large, unknown continent in the middle of the Grand Sea: Twilight. Surrounding the land was vast, powerful whirlpools that would sink any ship that dared enter.

Immediately, the expedition returned to Zalzabar–the capital of the faction–to report their findings. Rumors soon spread to the North Star Alliance, the eternal enemy of the Order, and they too began to research what the land of Twilight was.

For over one-hundred years, no one knew what was in the land of Twilight. That is, until a prophecy was discovered by the lost civilization known as the Majic:ย  “For when the three-hundredth-and-seventy-third year approaches, the land of bleak, eternal light shall awaken and those who sook it shall be granted power as eternal.”

One of the captains of the North Star Alliance brought together the finest of spellcasters and scientists in hopes they could crack the code… But were instead met with an even grander gift. Below is a recollection from his journal:

Day 419:

At long last! The seas have turned! As the crew and I were celebrating the dawn of another year, with ale and beer o’course, a ray of light shot from the sky to remote land of Twilight. A massive wave pushed back our ships several clicks to the north, but, when we returned, the whirlpools were gone!

As we returned our gaze above, we saw the many world within our realm–the Great Moons, Tiam, Resharock, and Kalaman–aligned perfectly! Could this be the key? I must tell our Lord at once!

Within months, the Chaos Order and North Star Alliance converged on the land of Twilight, and, thus, the First Twilight War began. It was a long-drawn war of attrition, as it is speculated more lives were lost to the terrain of Twilight than to the countless battles. Both sides fought to the center of Twilight where a large, heavens-piercing mountain laid. Surrounding the mountain was a grand staircase that only one could ascend to claim the greatest reward.

In the last battle of the First Twilight War, the North Star Alliance was ultimately defeated and forced to withdraw from Twilight. The general of the Chaos Order ascended the stairs, taking many hours to do so. When he reached the cold mountaintop, there sat the throne prophesied by the Seer only twenty years earlier. As they took a seat, it was a said a loud, booming voice could be heard from around the continent: “Mortal! You have done well! Claim your prize; what is your wish?”

With their Wish, the Chaos Order wished for the niyans–the very race they swore to destroy–to be cursed for eternity. The niyans fell ill to a terrible plague that wiped out tens of thousands in mere moments. Those who survived what became known as the Curse could no longer discovered that it was nearly impossible to create children of their own, leaving the race to drop dramatically within ten years.

After the end of the First Twilight War, historians decided to separate each of the eras within the Age of Darkness by the Twilight Wars. Thus, after the First Twilight War, the Sixth Era began.

In the Second Twilight War, the North Star Alliance was able to defeat the Order and claim the throne… Only to be betrayed by their own leader. With the Wish, the king of the alliance wished for eternal life. Upon his return to the alliance, they were branded as a traitor and forced into exile for the rest of time.

In the Third Twilight War, the Order reclaimed the throne. However, interestingly enough, it was discovered that one could “hold” their Wish, which they opted to do. As of writing, it is still unknown if the Chaos Order ever used the Wish or if they are holding it still.

With the Fourth Twilight War, and the end of the Eighth Era, approaching, only time will tell who will win… And what grand wish or terrible curse will be cast upon the bleak world of Ethos…

The Illiad Chronicles Beta Copy!

With the lead up to The Illiad Chronicles on June 2nd, 2018, I decided to go ahead and purchase a “beta” copy from Amazon to test their services. In the video below, you will see the book and its fantastic glory; Amazon did a tremendous job with it, and I am confident everyone will think the same!

Here are some details about the release:

eBook Pre-Order Price: From now until the release of the book on June 2nd, The Illiad Chronicles will be $2.99 (or regional equivalent). After it does release, the book will return to its $3.99 sale price.

Paperback Matchbook: Amazon–for now–will be the sole provider of the paperback release. The book will go on sale on May 31st for $11.99. Owners of the paperback version will also be able to get the eBook version for $.99 on June 2nd!

Hope everyone enjoys the book once it releases! <3

The History of Ethos: Part 6 – The Xul

“How can one race be so powerful, but, yet, so blinded by hatred towards themselves?” – High Swordsman Karo, 6E368

The Xul are the newest species to show up on Ethos. Formerly of Ethos’ Great Moon of Xul, the Xul have since called Ethos their home. In 6E212, a cataclysm occurred on their moon that wiped out over ninety percent of their population, with those surviving being of importance to the Xul Empire.

The Xul have often been described as “worshipers of Sato” or even “Sato’s chosen few” during their time on Ethos. In legends, Sato’s followers were depicted as beings of immense magical ability that could flatten cities in mere moments. His followers and the Xul race share many similarities in appearance. Both are depicted as celestial beings manifested through Energy, thus having no mortal body. The Xul, just like Sato’s followers, also possess two twisted horns on their heads, with both serving as an element of “expertise” the Xul has chosen to take.

Initially, the Xul landed on what is now known as Hian, building an alliance with the local Zichan and Human races. Together, they built up the Xul and protected them from the Chaos Order and North Star Alliance, who showed much fascination in the new race. Within fifty years, the First Xul Empire was rebuilt on Hian.

From the rise of the First Xul Empire to the current year of 8E368, there have been eight Xul Empires. Each of the empires has fallen for various reasons, each of which is documented below:

First Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ana from 6E260 to 6E300. They were assassinated by the next emperor in a ploy to build the Empire towards the Second Twilight War.

Second Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Zantha from 6E300 to 7E10. They were removed from power by many Xul Lords due to their inability to win the Second Twilight War.

Third Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ola from 7E10 to 7E210. The longest reigning Xul Emperor, Xul’Ola was assassinated by their offspring.

Fourth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Croa from 7E210 to 7E220. The shortest reigning Xul Emperor, Xul’Croa demonstrated cruelty and hatred towards their people. They were removed from power by the Xul Lords when multiple assassination attempts failed.

Fifth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Loa from 7E220 to 7E373. Xul’Loa is considered the most powerful, most infulential, and most successful Emperor to date. They were able to return peace to the Xul during a time of chaos. As well, they were able to successfully lead the Maoan Civil War and aligned with East Mao. They, however, were defeated during the Third Twilight War.

Sixth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ayla from 8E1 to 8E125. Not much is known about Xul’Ayla besides their attempts to recover the race after their failure in the Third Twilight War. They gave up the throne to the next emperor upon the end of their reign.

Seventh Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ka from 8E125 to 8E300. Xul’Ka took over from Xul’Ayla left off and led the Xul Empire into a small era of prosperity. They were able to build relations with the other races and factions of Ethos. As well, they were able to learn more about their future enemies through espionage and spying.

Eighth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Cron from 8E300 to 8E368 (current year). Not much is known about Xul’Cron. Ever since they were accepted as the newest emperor, they went into hiding. There have only been a handful of times through their reign where they spoke with the other factions.

As noted, the Xul do not have a specific gender. All Xul have the ability of Recreate, which allows them to create their “offspring.” To Recreate, a Xul must sacrifice a substantial part of their Energy-enough that it would take months to years to fully recover.

The Xul are one of the most powerful races on Ethos-rivaling the Zichans and Eternals in sheer power. However, not much else is known about them and their past. To date, no Xul has spoken about the Cataclysm that consumed their race, leaving many scholars fearing that a similar Cataclysm could occur on Ethos in the not-too-distant future.