The History of Ethos: Part 1 – The Beginning

“I hope that you get this document, as things are never as they seem.” – Book of Beginnings, pg. 3
The world of Ethos is but a young world, created at the end of a terrible, terrible battle. Countless lives were forever lost in this feud that crossed space and time. Some even speculate that the echoes of this terrible war can still be felt. Others believe that the chaos is what brought about the Darkening of Sacrilege at the beginning of the Fifth Era.
It is often said in old texts that the very Gods themselves walked among us, helping us, and leading us into a brighter future. However, like many tales, it soon became a legend told to our children and our children’s children and so on – it has been over one thousand years since they left us. And, ever since, Ethos has only known war. And war, just like how it destroyed us countless eons ago, may end us once more.
In the Book of Beginnings, it’s said that Herra, the goddess of life, was born to the realm by some greater being we know not. As intelligent as she is beautiful, Herra saw that the realm, destroyed by the “Great Evil,” was bleeding and dying. With only a thought, Herra created the worlds we know today. This time, far before our own written history, was the “Genesis.”
During the Genesis, Herra gave birth to six powerful children. They would govern the laws of reality, show what was right and what was wrong, create the purity and innocence of civilizations, and even give them free will – the Disciples.
Bastion, the eldest of the six, was thought to be the original spell caster and, with his power, he created the laws of time itself. The realm, before his existence, stayed forever frozen in place, never moving. But, with a flick of his hand, he could move the realm to his will, forever moving.
But, the realm was empty, devoid of life. Ontario, upon his creation, brought with him the many species that dwell on every world. Long days and nights were said to be spent in the search for the “perfect” species but to no avail; Our races – the Humans, Zichan, Thorans, and even the Niyans – were but byproducts in the hopes of achieving his goal.
Anovas, the eldest daughter, studied the various civilizations that her brother created. She watched from the heavens how one being could interact with another and was mortified. Civilizations would collapse under the constant strain of war and battle. It was with her heart that she brought love and tranquility to the realm and, thus, bringing peace.
Along with Anovas was her twin, Karmei and, like his sister, the god of fairness and righteousness saw great evil in the mortals they created. Fearing that they, too, may be corrupted further, Karmei willed the mortals to understand his laws and bring further peace to the realm.
However, it wasn’t until the twins of Cynthei and Mica would forge the future. Cynthei brought happiness to the worlds she loved by giving them the gift of purity, showing that no race should ever corrupt to the dark. The Gods would watch their creations from high above, showing them the way through the worlds they dwelled on, but they could never think on their own. Mica, for better or for worse, brought free will, promising the Gods would no longer intervene in our own lives.
There is, yet, one more God. Not much is known about him, and no texts can support the theory that he dwelled among us lifetimes ago. Other texts of his existence are scarce, but his influence can still be felt through the realm. He is often associated with the “Great Evil” that plagued the realm eons ago – Sato, the God of Darkness.
May Fate, itself, ensure he never returns.
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