The History of Ethos: Part 3 – The Zichans

“They are old as the Gods themselves; Their intelligence may even surpass them.” – General Xul’Croan, Second Twilight War (6E373)

The Zichans are one of the most prolific and powerful races on Ethos, if not the entire realm. Multiple stories, myths, and legends exist, often told to our young, about how the first Zichan came to be. Some say they were the first race created by Ontario, and the closest he ever got to making his “perfect” species, while others speak of how they were born with the Gods in the Genesis. Regardless, the Zichans are a formidable race.

Their body-type is reminiscent of that of a human, save for markings on their body and several key changes. Upon birth, a Zichans, on their stomach, are marked depending on the House, or clan, they belong to; This mark is to always covered when in public, as it is said to bring bad luck to those who do. Additionally, a pure-blooded Zichan will only have platinum-white or grey hair that will, usually, extend a few feet. Their pointy ears also allow them to hear more distant noises and distinguish them easier.

The Zichan’s supreme intelligence can be credited to their powerful, unusual, and mysterious power called Soul Joining. The normal Zichan can live around four hundred years before they begin to become too weak to continue living. When a Zichan finally passes, a ritual begins that will combine their spirit and intelligence with that of another, usually a newborn. The new host’s spirit and mind will stay their own as the abilities and intelligence of the previous will merge. Due to this, a Zichan never “dies” and, instead, ensures their species continues to become more and more intelligent, and thus more powerful, with each Era.

Ever since the late days of the Majic, mortals were able to “harness the power of the Gods” and cast spells of various varieties. However, to use Majic, one must use their power, simply called Energy, to cast spells. If one were to use spells often, their Energy would slowly increase over time, a skill that can be passed by Soul Joining. Zichans, naturally, are potent spellcasters and are the only ones who can create portals.

The Zichans are not without fault; Their intelligence is both a blessing and a curse. While some of the greatest mortals on Ethos are Zichans, some of the worst also belong to them. The Zichans are credited with the creation of the Chaos Order alliance, an alliance hell-bent on eliminating the Niyans, and later the Children of Sin, from existence, but have also been credited with stopping Sato’s summoning in 6E232.

In present-day Ethos, 8E368, the Zichans are a race divided. Over half of the race has pledged their allegiance to the Order, either from tradition or their prejudices, with the rest pledging their loyalty to the North Star or Dragonean alliances. During the Third Twilight War in 7E373, it is estimated that over one million Zichans, about a third of the species, died on the battlefield – the consequence of this way is that a ritual for Soul Joining rarely occurs.

Only time will tell if the Zichans can be ever, truly, be reunited.

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