The History of Ethos: Part 4 – The Niyans

“I will end the Niyans, even if it brings my Order death.” – Chaos Order High King Zalzafar, First Twilight War (5E373)

Not much is known of how, exactly, the Niyans came to be. Many myths from within the Order speak that the Niyans were an impure species, one of which born out of experimentation by Humans; Others even speak that the Niyans are not of Ethonian descent. Still, what the Niyans are and the many atrocities that species has suffered since the dawn of the Age of Darkness are well documented.

The Niyans are a unique species in that they are Thorans, the Zichans, and even the Humans. However, upon their forehead, they bear the symbol of a creature of whom they share a bond. This bond is also called the person spirit animal which, for a short time, that Niyan can transform into. It is not known what dictates what spirit animal a Niyan obtains at birth, or if it is possible for Niyans to change.

The circumstances for a Niyan birth is unclear. Throughout history, reports showed that pure-blooded Zichans, Humans, and Thorans could give birth to a Niyan, albeit rare. Upon the child’s birth, they would be classified as Niyan and not of their parent’s species. If two Niyans were to give birth to a child, the child would always be a Niyan, even if both parents are Children of Sin and, thus, impure.

Due to this, the Niyans have been scrutinized and scorned, serving as the primary reason the Chaos Order came to be. According to multiple defectors from the Order, Atanaism, their primary religion, states that “beings of impurity are to be unborn.” After the Gods disappeared at the dawn of the Fifth Era, the Order began their crusade to eliminate the Niyans from Ethos completely.

In 5E1, High King Xalen decreed that all Niyans born within the Order are to be killed, along with their parents, even if the Niyan is of royalty; Sympathizers to the Niyans, if found, were to be stoned; And those who harbored Niyans were to be tortured to death, along with their immediate family. Upon signing of what was to be known as the Manifest of Order, several opposing nations joined forces to become the North Star alliance and declared war, of which has lasted four eras.

The Niyans became an ally to the North Star alliance, who promised continuous protection while vowing to eradicate the Order.

According to ancient prophecies left by the Majic, with each three-hundred and seventy-three years that passed, “the land of bleak, eternal light shall awaken and those who sook it shall be granted power as eternal.” The alliances heeded this prophecy and arrived at the land of Twilight in 5E373. They fought towards the epicenter of the continent, where the Twilight Throne sat and a six-month war, the First Twilight War, began. In the end, the Chaos Order won and commanded that “Niyans to be destroyed from within.”

Once the wish was granted, the entire Niyan race fell ill to a plague that wiped out tens of thousands in mere moments. Those who survived the illness discovered that their chances of reproduction dropped dramatically. As well, pure-blooded species no longer gave birth to new Niyans. In only ten years, the Niyan population fell by half, and the decline has continued into the Eighth Era with the near extinction of the Niyan race.

With the dawn of the Fourth Twilight War fast approaching, the fate of the Niyans is on the line. Knowing this, all able-bodied Niyans, as young as seventeen, has joined the North Star war efforts.

The question remains, however: Can they stop the bleeding?

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