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Hey, everyone!

Taking a week off from The History of Ethos as I prepare whatever else I need for the upcoming release. Rest assured–it will be back next week!

Now, there are roughly five (or six depending where you are) days left before The Illiad Chronicles releases. Instead of doing a lore post this week, I wanted to talk about what inspired me to do this. Afterall, this is quite possibly the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on.


The Illiad Chronicles, like many works, is a culmination of many, many months and years of design. My design documents for the series reach as far back as early 2015–which seems like a lifetime ago, now that I think about it. While most of the concepts, ideas, and characters were scrapped at different points and time, the idea of what I wanted to do was still there.

As an avid fan of fantasy, I wanted to do something completely different from people have seen before–something I feel authors should strive to achieve. While elements such as good versus evil, light versus dark, or even the concept of warring nations are very hard to avoid, I still wanted to do my best to avoid easy tropes and concepts.

So, I got to work. I created an expansive timeline spanning several eras, multiple ages, and threw in different concepts and ideas for good measure. As I added more and subtracted even more, I eventually came to what I had today with The Illiad Chronicles.

Series That Inspired

Now, I will admit that I am an avid anime watcher and video game player, so there were some things I mixed in that got inspired by those mediums. If you’ve read The History of Ethos, you can see that my world can be kinda dark at times; Ethos and its surrounding worlds are depressing places driven by war, chaos, and greed. As well, it has many elements of high fantasy from a different magic system (Energy), different races with unique attributes, and much more. So, in multiple ways, you could classify it as a Dark Fantasy or a High (or Epic) Fantasy. For me, I classify it as a hybrid.

The wonderful thing about works of art (whether it be video games, anime, movies, books, or what-have-you) is that it can “open” a door into your own worlds. When I was young, I often would think of new stories to write, worlds to explore, and characters to interract with. As said, I was young at the time, so I couldn’t feasibly write these expansive novels like I am today.

Now that I am older (about twenty-four-years old), I have more freedom to explore these worlds once again. The Illiad Chronicles is just one of several universes I would like to see explored.

Goals with The Illiad Chronicles

For starters, of course, I want people to love my books; this is the main goal of any good author. I, personally, feel that monetary gain from a book is secondary to the people I can take with me on this journey.

Another thing I would like for the series to do is to be a sort-of playground for others. One of the main reasons I wrote an expansive universe was that I wanted others–whether it be with fan fiction, approved books, or even games–is that I give room for anything. In the series, there are around three-thousand years of history on around one dozen different planets. This means that while one event can effect them all, there are an infinite amount of stories yet to be told on the others. This entire idea is what I call “everything is canon,” and an easy comparison would be to the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse.

Will there be another?

As you can probably expect, I do plan on writing a second book in The Illiad Chronicles. On the 3rd of June, I will put up a pre-order page for the second book! Production of the book has already begun, and I want it to be a fantastic sequel that will expand on what you read in the first book even further. I am far from done with it. (:

That said, I am taking a slower approach to writing it, which may or may not be to my detriment. In the new indie world, it isn’t unheard of for a writer to have a book out every two months or so; meanwhile I am taking a six-month break between releases. It is almost unfeasible for me to write a book that fast with my current situation, so it will have to wait until around December 2018. But, it will be worth it!

Final Note

I am going through a different distribution partner, so non-Amazon links to the book may be delayed a day or two. You can follow my Facebook or Twitter (links in the top bar) for updates on this situation. While it is last-minute and may be a slight inconvinence, it will help streamline things for me later down the line!

The Amazon e-book version is not affected and will release on the 2nd of June. Meanwhile, the paperback version is still good to be released on the 31st of May!

As always, thank you for reading! Enjoy the book once it releases! <3

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