The History of Ethos: Part 5 – The Thorans

“If you dare call a Thoran short, having a bloody nose will be the least of your problems.” – Unknown

Ah, the mighty Thoran race; a race so mighty, they would’ve once conquered the known world. Out of the primary races, the Thorans are the strongest by a large margin – with tales and Psalms of mighty Thoran heroes lifting mountains in the face of danger possibly exaggerating what they can achieve.

The Thorans, unfortunately, have had a troubled history that predates to the dawn of the Age of Darkness with the start of the Fifth Era. Formerly the slaves to the Chaos Order, the Thorans were able to wrestle away independence, along with their close friends the Niyans, before the start of the First Twilight War in 5372, interrupting the Order’s plans in the process. They were often used in large mines on both Ethos and Ula, the mining moon.

However, most frightening of all, the Thorans were used as test subjects by the Zichans in the early days of the Fifth Era. Scientists within the Order speculated that the strength of the Thorans could be extracted and implanted into a Zichan, reinforcing the Zichan’s nimble frame to become a stronger threat on the battlefield. These plans were, fortunately, halted with the Thoran liberation. Untold numbers of Thorans were sacrificed to these tests, with no recorded evidence suggesting the Zichans were close to solving the puzzle.

Ever since their liberation, the Thorans have since, as an entire race, declared allegiance to the North Star Alliance. Interestingly enough, the Thorans do not show hatred to the Zichan race, save for the leaders of the Chaos Order and those associated with them. It is not abnormal to see Zichans and Thorans have friendships, both home and on the battlefield.

As a whole, the Thoran race is not known for their magical prowess. In fact, in recorded history, there have been a total of four Thorans who achieved the rank of Spellcaster – comparatively the Zichans have over ten-thousand, the Humans have over four-thousand, and the Niyans have over six-thousand. Still, the Thorans do not own a reliable Energy reserve, objectively worse than the Humans. And the race is susceptible to a phenomena known as Spell Decay – where casting the same spell twice in an unspecified amount of time will result in the second spell being less potent.

However, the Thorans make up for it in strength. Their small frame allows for them to pick up larger objects, even giving them the ability to hurl them at unsuspecting enemies. They are also able to own large weapons, such as warhammers or even large maces, with relative ease.

Additionally, with their herculean strength, the Thorans know a special power known only as Berserk. As the name implies, Thorans can become stronger and faster, but only for a limited time. A consequence of the power is that the user, if untrained, loses total control of their body, succumbing to rage, and is left severely weakened upon completion. Still, the power has tipped the scales of war multiple times through history.

The Thorans are a race never to be trifled with unless you have a death wish. They are a proud and strong race also known for their large stomachs and iron wills. However, when you befriend one, you can always expect them by your side when the going gets tough.

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