The History of Ethos: Part 6 – The Xul

“How can one race be so powerful, but, yet, so blinded by hatred towards themselves?” – High Swordsman Karo, 6E368

The Xul are the newest species to show up on Ethos. Formerly of Ethos’ Great Moon of Xul, the Xul have since called Ethos their home. In 6E212, a cataclysm occurred on their moon that wiped out over ninety percent of their population, with those surviving being of importance to the Xul Empire.

The Xul have often been described as “worshipers of Sato” or even “Sato’s chosen few” during their time on Ethos. In legends, Sato’s followers were depicted as beings of immense magical ability that could flatten cities in mere moments. His followers and the Xul race share many similarities in appearance. Both are depicted as celestial beings manifested through Energy, thus having no mortal body. The Xul, just like Sato’s followers, also possess two twisted horns on their heads, with both serving as an element of “expertise” the Xul has chosen to take.

Initially, the Xul landed on what is now known as Hian, building an alliance with the local Zichan and Human races. Together, they built up the Xul and protected them from the Chaos Order and North Star Alliance, who showed much fascination in the new race. Within fifty years, the First Xul Empire was rebuilt on Hian.

From the rise of the First Xul Empire to the current year of 8E368, there have been eight Xul Empires. Each of the empires has fallen for various reasons, each of which is documented below:

First Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ana from 6E260 to 6E300. They were assassinated by the next emperor in a ploy to build the Empire towards the Second Twilight War.

Second Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Zantha from 6E300 to 7E10. They were removed from power by many Xul Lords due to their inability to win the Second Twilight War.

Third Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ola from 7E10 to 7E210. The longest reigning Xul Emperor, Xul’Ola was assassinated by their offspring.

Fourth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Croa from 7E210 to 7E220. The shortest reigning Xul Emperor, Xul’Croa demonstrated cruelty and hatred towards their people. They were removed from power by the Xul Lords when multiple assassination attempts failed.

Fifth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Loa from 7E220 to 7E373. Xul’Loa is considered the most powerful, most infulential, and most successful Emperor to date. They were able to return peace to the Xul during a time of chaos. As well, they were able to successfully lead the Maoan Civil War and aligned with East Mao. They, however, were defeated during the Third Twilight War.

Sixth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ayla from 8E1 to 8E125. Not much is known about Xul’Ayla besides their attempts to recover the race after their failure in the Third Twilight War. They gave up the throne to the next emperor upon the end of their reign.

Seventh Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Ka from 8E125 to 8E300. Xul’Ka took over from Xul’Ayla left off and led the Xul Empire into a small era of prosperity. They were able to build relations with the other races and factions of Ethos. As well, they were able to learn more about their future enemies through espionage and spying.

Eighth Xul Empire: Ruled by Emperor Xul’Cron from 8E300 to 8E368 (current year). Not much is known about Xul’Cron. Ever since they were accepted as the newest emperor, they went into hiding. There have only been a handful of times through their reign where they spoke with the other factions.

As noted, the Xul do not have a specific gender. All Xul have the ability of Recreate, which allows them to create their “offspring.” To Recreate, a Xul must sacrifice a substantial part of their Energy-enough that it would take months to years to fully recover.

The Xul are one of the most powerful races on Ethos-rivaling the Zichans and Eternals in sheer power. However, not much else is known about them and their past. To date, no Xul has spoken about the Cataclysm that consumed their race, leaving many scholars fearing that a similar Cataclysm could occur on Ethos in the not-too-distant future.

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