The History of Ethos: Part 7 – Twilight

“There is no greater prize for a mortal. For one moment, they, themselves, are the Gods of old!” – General Resha, First Twilight War (5E373)

There is no place darker or more haunted than the continent of Twilight. Sitting between the four factions in the Grand Sea, the land of Twilight is a place of torment, victory, hope, and darkness. To some, it was the last gift from the Gods before they departed at the end of the Fourth Era. For others, it was the greatest curse of them all.

Records of what Twilight was before the Age of Darkness is still unknown as the continent wasn’t formally discovered until the mid-way point of the Fifth Era. On an expedition to map out the large super-continent of Ayasha, several members of the Chaos Order met a mighty hurricane that spiraled the group far to the east. The hurricane, according to first-hand accounts, seemingly disappeared over this large, unknown continent in the middle of the Grand Sea: Twilight. Surrounding the land was vast, powerful whirlpools that would sink any ship that dared enter.

Immediately, the expedition returned to Zalzabar–the capital of the faction–to report their findings. Rumors soon spread to the North Star Alliance, the eternal enemy of the Order, and they too began to research what the land of Twilight was.

For over one-hundred years, no one knew what was in the land of Twilight. That is, until a prophecy was discovered by the lost civilization known as the Majic:  “For when the three-hundredth-and-seventy-third year approaches, the land of bleak, eternal light shall awaken and those who sook it shall be granted power as eternal.”

One of the captains of the North Star Alliance brought together the finest of spellcasters and scientists in hopes they could crack the code… But were instead met with an even grander gift. Below is a recollection from his journal:

Day 419:

At long last! The seas have turned! As the crew and I were celebrating the dawn of another year, with ale and beer o’course, a ray of light shot from the sky to remote land of Twilight. A massive wave pushed back our ships several clicks to the north, but, when we returned, the whirlpools were gone!

As we returned our gaze above, we saw the many world within our realm–the Great Moons, Tiam, Resharock, and Kalaman–aligned perfectly! Could this be the key? I must tell our Lord at once!

Within months, the Chaos Order and North Star Alliance converged on the land of Twilight, and, thus, the First Twilight War began. It was a long-drawn war of attrition, as it is speculated more lives were lost to the terrain of Twilight than to the countless battles. Both sides fought to the center of Twilight where a large, heavens-piercing mountain laid. Surrounding the mountain was a grand staircase that only one could ascend to claim the greatest reward.

In the last battle of the First Twilight War, the North Star Alliance was ultimately defeated and forced to withdraw from Twilight. The general of the Chaos Order ascended the stairs, taking many hours to do so. When he reached the cold mountaintop, there sat the throne prophesied by the Seer only twenty years earlier. As they took a seat, it was a said a loud, booming voice could be heard from around the continent: “Mortal! You have done well! Claim your prize; what is your wish?”

With their Wish, the Chaos Order wished for the niyans–the very race they swore to destroy–to be cursed for eternity. The niyans fell ill to a terrible plague that wiped out tens of thousands in mere moments. Those who survived what became known as the Curse could no longer discovered that it was nearly impossible to create children of their own, leaving the race to drop dramatically within ten years.

After the end of the First Twilight War, historians decided to separate each of the eras within the Age of Darkness by the Twilight Wars. Thus, after the First Twilight War, the Sixth Era began.

In the Second Twilight War, the North Star Alliance was able to defeat the Order and claim the throne… Only to be betrayed by their own leader. With the Wish, the king of the alliance wished for eternal life. Upon his return to the alliance, they were branded as a traitor and forced into exile for the rest of time.

In the Third Twilight War, the Order reclaimed the throne. However, interestingly enough, it was discovered that one could “hold” their Wish, which they opted to do. As of writing, it is still unknown if the Chaos Order ever used the Wish or if they are holding it still.

With the Fourth Twilight War, and the end of the Eighth Era, approaching, only time will tell who will win… And what grand wish or terrible curse will be cast upon the bleak world of Ethos…

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