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What’s up, everyone?

So, this is an update for everyone pertaining to plans from now until the middle of January. There is a lot to go over, so I will get started:

The Illiad Chronicles

I have aluded to it a bit on Twitter, but I have hit a wall creatively and decided to take a step back from writing The Illiad Chronicles for a little bit. My initial plan of having Book II out by December will, most likely, not happen now. I apologize to the few of you who were interested in the series continuing, I just need a small break. I feel like the books shouldn’t be rushed, and the more time I take on it, the better it will be. I’m sorry!


Yesterday (the 29th of September), I completed my first marathon run in a year with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x at the California Relief 2018 Marathon. It went over well, overall, and I enjoyed my time with showing off the game. However, it doesn’t mean I am done yet!

I ALSO got accepted into AGDQ 2019 with both Pro Skater 2x and Medal of Honor: Airborne. As well, I got accepted into the Valuethon 5 marathon with Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. So, I got a lot of games to work on for the next while!

So, the plan is this:
a) From the 30th of September to the 12th of October I will be re-learning Medal of Honor: Rising Sun and getting back to where I was with that game. Technically, this won’t start until this coming Tuesday (the 2nd), but you can expect a lot of runs and practice for the marathon! On top of that, I will take a very small break away from 2x and return to THPS2 to get some extremely easy personal best times.
b) After Valuethon 5, we are going into AGDQ 2019 practice mode! From mid-October to mid-January will be mostly focused on Medal of Honor: Airborne and Pro Skater 2x practice and runs to get myself more ready for the big event in January! I will branch out a little with other runs, such as possibly Ocarina of Time, but the two games I submitted to AGDQ will be my primary focus.


I will say this now: After AGDQ 2019, I will be taking a smaller step back from the Tony Hawk community to branch myself away a bit more. I won’t completely leave, but I will be doing Tony Hawk runs as a secondary run and having another game as my primary. I already have ideas for what I might want to do, such as putting Ocarina of Time as my primary or even going to do A Hat in Time, but I have a couple of months to fully decide one way or the other.

Submissions to GDQs and other marathons will obviously change what games I focus on, and I will continue to push the Tony community through marathons, but I need to do other games to avoid another burnout.

Anyways, that is it. Thank you guys for reading! <3

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