Hey guys, been another minute since I last posted here, so I wanted to give everyone an update on things going on:

THPS Marathon 3

Last night, the third THPS Marathon took place and, overall, I consider it a success. A lot of people came out to watch the marathon, showcasing some of the greatest players the community has. It was a blast, even if it left me very exhausted last night. Big thank you to Shockwve for the streaming PC, HorseoftheSea for the RTMP server, Konasumi for the layouts and graphics, and PokemonAce101 for assisting me with watching the marathon. You guys are the best. <3

That said, I think this will be the last marathon I produce for a while, possibly ever. The amount of time I put into this was a lot, and it consumed a lot of my energy over the last few weeks as I worked to get things settled. Even then, there were a lot of things that didn’t go well or I could’ve done better at. To put it short, I do not have as much time as I once did to make these. Work, school, my own goals, and my personal life are all vying for my time, so adding this to it makes it even more difficult. If there is ever a fourth THPS Marathon, someone else will have to head it up. But, I do appreciate all of the kind words people have sent me. <3

AGDQ 2019

AGDQ 2019 is fast approaching. In a little over a month, I will be attending the bi-annual event to showcase both Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X and Medal of Honor: Airborne, which means I will have to start focusing heavily on those games very soon. Additionally, I have submitted for Calithon 2019, though the Games List has yet to be released as of the creation of this post. If I get into Calithon 2019, however, I will not have to really worry about the games until February.

Speedrunning Plans

I have said it before on Twitter, but next year will be a bit different. I want to extend outside of the community a little and start to learn/speedrun A Hat in Time, but I also have a major goal next year I want to complete. There are very few players in the community who is good at virtually every Tony Hawk game, and it is time I take it to the next level.  There have been some murmurs within the community that I am not as good as I once was, I’ve been surpassed, and all of that.

I think it’s time I quell those voices.

Next year, I will begin a crusade against THPS2, THPS4, THUG1, THUG2, THAW, and THP8 to either beat or come close to World Records in each game. My recent stint into THP8 is only a glimpse of what will come next year. A Hat in Time will serve as my secondary game through this time, on the days/weeks I need a break from the constant grind. I will be grinding a lot for better times in each of those games, so you can expect a lot of PBs coming next year.

So, to all of the best players of the community: Ya’ll are on notice.

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