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Clinton Reel is an aspiring indie author who has ventured into many different areas over the past few years. From making machinima to Let's Play videos to even speedrunning, he has followed his own path to bring him where he is today.


Hey guys, been another minute since I last posted here, so I wanted to give everyone an update on things going on:

THPS Marathon 3

Last night, the third THPS Marathon took place and, overall, I consider it a success. A lot of people came out to watch the marathon, showcasing some of the greatest players the community has. It was a blast, even if it left me very exhausted last night. Big thank you to Shockwve for the streaming PC, HorseoftheSea for the RTMP server, Konasumi for the layouts and graphics, and PokemonAce101 for assisting me with watching the marathon. You guys are the best. <3

That said, I think this will be the last marathon I produce for a while, possibly ever. The amount of time I put into this was a lot, and it consumed a lot of my energy over the last few weeks as I … Read More

Future Plans

What’s up, everyone?

So, this is an update for everyone pertaining to plans from now until the middle of January. There is a lot to go over, so I will get started:

The Illiad Chronicles

I have aluded to it a bit on Twitter, but I have hit a wall creatively and decided to take a step back from writing The Illiad Chronicles for a little bit. My initial plan of having Book II out by December will, most likely, not happen now. I apologize to the few of you who were interested in the series continuing, I just need a small break. I feel like the books shouldn’t be rushed, and the more time I take on it, the better it will be. I’m sorry!


Yesterday (the 29th of September), I completed my first marathon run in a year with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x at the … Read More

Something is Coming…

Hey everyone!

It has been a bit of a crazy month and a half or so since I returned to the states, so I am still the midst of reintegrating with society, work, and everything like that. So, I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few months, and I hope it gets better in due time. 🙂

So, what’s going on? Well, there is a lot to go over, so I will talk about it now:


Previously I spoke about that I was going to be writing another short story from now until The Eternal Night (the second book) releases in December. However, after some thinking, I decided that I am going to just stick with just one short story (The Lich of Izaman, which is already out) and focus more on The Eternal Night. It is going to be bigger, better, and longer … Read More

The Lich of Izaman is Out Now!!!

It’s been a while.

Apologies for the lack of updates over the past two months. I just got back from a trip overseas and have been working on re-adjusting to the States. But, with things back to normal-ish, I can get back to writing a bit more. 🙂

Anyways, The Illiad ChroniclesThe Lich of Izaman is now out on BookFunnel! Amazon paperback will be coming up within the next day, once things get approved on their end. I really hope everyone enjoys this new adventure. <3

How do you get a copy? Either subscribe to my mailing list (https://clintonreel.com/mailinglist) or just go to the book’s page on here (https://clintonreel.com/book/the-illiad-chronicles-the-lich-of-izaman/). I knew not everyone is up for mailing lists, so I made it available for those people. 🙂

Within the next week or two, I will be talking about the next book in the series: The Last Rite!

The Illiad Chronicles – The Lich of Izaman Announcement!

The Illiad Chronicles – Book I: Origins released on June 2nd on Amazon, and it seems like people are enjoying the book! As one of my most ambitious projects, I feel like it was a good start to what is to come. After all, the world of Ethos–and the entire realm–has a ton of stories to tell.

That said, I would like to go ahead and announce the first short story set in the Illiad universe:

The Illiad Chronicles – The Lich of Izaman

Some may wonder why I am announcing the next project so early, but it is because I have a release date set for August 4th, 2018! The Lich of Izaman is going to be a much shorter story than Origins, and it will delve more into Jacqueline’s character and one of her greatest adventures.

Chronologically, the book is set around three years before Origins begins. Jacqueline is … Read More

The Illiad Chronicles – Book I is Now Available!

It’s been a hell of a journey, but the first book in The Illiad Chronicles is finally out on ALL ebook distribution platforms! You can now pick up the ebook version for $3.99 and pick up the paperback version for $11.99 through Amazon! Additionally, for Amazon, if you purchase the paperback edition, you can get the ebook for .99 cents.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list for updates to the books. As well, subscribers to the mailing list will be getting freebies soon (information in the link).

I really do hope everyone enjoys the book, as it is the first of many to come! <3

Complete List of Retailers: https://www.books2read.com/illiadchronicles

Amazon Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Illiad-Chronicles-Clinton-Reel/dp/1980759944/

Release in Five Days!

Hey, everyone!

Taking a week off from The History of Ethos as I prepare whatever else I need for the upcoming release. Rest assured–it will be back next week!

Now, there are roughly five (or six depending where you are) days left before The Illiad Chronicles releases. Instead of doing a lore post this week, I wanted to talk about what inspired me to do this. Afterall, this is quite possibly the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on.


The Illiad Chronicles, like many works, is a culmination of many, many months and years of design. My design documents for the series reach as far back as early 2015–which seems like a lifetime ago, now that I think about it. While most of the concepts, ideas, and characters were scrapped at different points and time, the idea of what I wanted to do was still there.

As an avid … Read More

The History of Ethos: Part 7 – Twilight

“There is no greater prize for a mortal. For one moment, they, themselves, are the Gods of old!” – General Resha, First Twilight War (5E373)

There is no place darker or more haunted than the continent of Twilight. Sitting between the four factions in the Grand Sea, the land of Twilight is a place of torment, victory, hope, and darkness. To some, it was the last gift from the Gods before they departed at the end of the Fourth Era. For others, it was the greatest curse of them all.

Records of what Twilight was before the Age of Darkness is still unknown as the continent wasn’t formally discovered until the mid-way point of the Fifth Era. On an expedition to map out the large super-continent of Ayasha, several members of the Chaos Order met a mighty hurricane that spiraled the group far to the east. The hurricane, according to … Read More

The Illiad Chronicles Beta Copy!

With the lead up to The Illiad Chronicles on June 2nd, 2018, I decided to go ahead and purchase a “beta” copy from Amazon to test their services. In the video below, you will see the book and its fantastic glory; Amazon did a tremendous job with it, and I am confident everyone will think the same!

Here are some details about the release:

eBook Pre-Order Price: From now until the release of the book on June 2nd, The Illiad Chronicles will be $2.99 (or regional equivalent). After it does release, the book will return to its $3.99 sale price.

Paperback Matchbook: Amazon–for now–will be the sole provider of the paperback release. The book will go on sale on May 31st for $11.99. Owners of the paperback version will also be able to get the eBook version for $.99 on June 2nd!

Hope everyone enjoys the book once it … Read More

The History of Ethos: Part 6 – The Xul

“How can one race be so powerful, but, yet, so blinded by hatred towards themselves?” – High Swordsman Karo, 6E368

The Xul are the newest species to show up on Ethos. Formerly of Ethos’ Great Moon of Xul, the Xul have since called Ethos their home. In 6E212, a cataclysm occurred on their moon that wiped out over ninety percent of their population, with those surviving being of importance to the Xul Empire.

The Xul have often been described as “worshipers of Sato” or even “Sato’s chosen few” during their time on Ethos. In legends, Sato’s followers were depicted as beings of immense magical ability that could flatten cities in mere moments. His followers and the Xul race share many similarities in appearance. Both are depicted as celestial beings manifested through Energy, thus having no mortal body. The Xul, just like Sato’s followers, also possess two twisted horns on their … Read More