The Illiad Chronicles – The Lich of Izaman

Book Cover: The Illiad Chronicles - The Lich of Izaman
Part of the The Illiad Chronicles series:

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A lethal assassin and a frightened bear…
Twin blades with mysterious powers…
And a shadow that was once thought destroyed…

It was supposed to be an easy mission—defeat the Scavengers plaguing her homeland. However, upon returning home, Jacqueline receives a mysterious message foretelling the end of days. After speaking with a Seer, she tells the assassin of an ancient evil is returning to Ethos—The Lich of Izaman. Now, Jacqueline and her friend, Zane, must journey to the Tomb of the Lich to prevent her resurrection… Or Ethos will fall into eternal darkness…

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Clinton Reel is an aspiring indie author who has ventured into many different areas over the past few years. From making machinima to Let's Play videos to even speedrunning, he has followed his own path to bring him where he is today.

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